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I work across the UX sphere, from research to content and interface design. I go a step further to build visually stunning but equally functional websites in Webflow and Framer. I work solo or collaborate with startups, marketing and design agencies to align user needs and business goals that’s good for users and business bottomline.
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It’s a journey. I share my UX writing thought process on Substack. I write case studies and share hands-on experience on live projects.
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Powerful no-code websites

No-code websites that are easy to manage. I use a client-first approach to build powerful websites in Webflow and Framer, for individuals and businesses.
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About me

I have up to 4 years' experience as a UX, research, and no-code web development consultant for startups, marketing, and design agencies.

I provide consulting services including user research, content strategy & design, and visual development through a unique blend of technical skills and creative storytelling that helps people and businesses save valuable time and achieve their goals faster.

In my spare time, I watch short animal videos on YouTube Shorts, listen to classical music and hymns on Spotify, and consume materials on history, church and classical music, technology, and geopolitics.
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